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What Greeks truly think about their predicament and world media will not tell you.

by Stavros Katsoulis*

Let's get one thing totally clear, right from the start. There is a widespread and orchestrated operation of disinformation about the situation in Greece around the world. This disinformation is especially widespread in the so called developed countries.   And that should be nothing new or shocking to the informed citizen of these nations. Disinformation is the default modus operandi of the media moguls in these otherwise "democratic" countries. That's why the "story" of Greece, is handled in the same exact way. Any attempt to watch, read or listen to the official news stories about Greece on the international media outlets, will give the unsuspecting listener the impression that Greeks are being patient and that they are waiting quietly for their incredibly capable government to pull them out of the crisis and solve their problems.

The media will also make absolutely sure to always mention the fantastic help that is given to Greeks, by their ever righteous "partners" in the European Union. Of course, as is always the case in these tragic situations around the world,  they will not forget to mention the kindness and incredible professionalism that emanates from the ever present International Monetary Fund. They will tell you, that Banks are also trying their best to help. And finally, the media outlets themselves, will make sure that it is understood, that they themselves are treating the whole situation with a never ending understanding and sensitivity and are always striving to tell the truth, nothing but the whole truth... 

But nothing could possibly be further from the truth. Greeks do no see things this way. In fact, the ordinary Greek citizen, does not just "see" things. They are submerged and saturated fully in this "crisis". They are so deep in it, that they can feel that their own drowning is no longer too far away. What follows, is a list of facts, that show the real perceptions the Greeks, who can no longer be fooled by their own media and the massive "PsyOp" that has been applied carefully in Greece. Here we go:

FACT 1: Greeks do not feel they are being helped by the finantial "help" they are supposedly receiving. 

Contrary to popular international belief, ordinary Greeks, do NOT feel that they are getting any "help" what so ever, from their so called "partners" in the European Union. And that makes sense. Who, in their right mind, would deem extortionate and mandatory debt, in order to pay other extortionate and mandatory debts, as help? 
 In fact, all debt that is being generated so recklessly, is going back to where it came from. What remains of course, is the debt it self, and the massive amounts of interest that it bares. Would any of you, accept this kind of pimping behaviour as help in your personal, corporate or other situations? I think, more than obviously, not. Yet, Greeks are expected to be grateful for something that is nothing more than plain extortion.

FACT 2: Greeks are far, far away from trusting their political system.

...And when we say far, we mean REALLY far. Greeks see the current government (and the last two), as something more that traitorous. What has transpired since the ignition of the Greek Crisis, in the minds of ordinary Greeks, is nothing short of treason. The politicians involved in the abolishment of our national sovereignty and rights as a nation are seen as mindless puppets, who have given free reign to external powers. This is understandable. In the United States but also other countries, there are laws such as the Logan Act, which prevent politicians to discuss policy matters with foreign people. These laws, are common sense for anyone that understands and sees the absolute necessity for the people of a Nation to decide on their own matters, even though it is well known that such laws do not prevent such things. In the Greece of the Troika and the IMF however, even these pretenses have now disappeared. To the Greeks, treasonous acts are blatantly visible on an everyday basis. How could anyone, in their right and Patriotic mind trust such a political system?

FACT 3: Greeks do not feel as being part of the EU and do not trust the EU partners in any shape or form, and if they were to decide, they would have left it all behind yesterday...

Austerity being forced upon us,  is but a small fraction of the problem. The main problem is that since Greece entered the EU and the Euro - and any other member state for that matter -  it has lost the ability to govern it self for it's own benefit. For years now, the EU has been imposing it's own psychopathic rule on whole populations it knows nothing about. But even worse, it has been applying its policies, for the benefit of but a very few interests who spend their time lobbying in and about all high European places. The Greek constitution was required to change drastically in order to enter the hell zone called the EU, and so the political system had to alter it. In article 28 of our constitution, it is clearly defined that all international law is to supersede any local law. That is the corner stone that supports the EU rule, that Greeks believe destroys them.  But that was in the past. Today, we have entered a new level. Important decisions are no longer taken in the EU Parliament. The Euro and they way it is used by the feudocrats in the EU, is now a much hated currency. And it's therefore, that Greeks do not really want anything to do with this EU and Euro. Federalisation is not for the Greeks, as it is also nothing good for any European Nation.The difference is, that Greeks can already see where all of this EU psychopathy is heading... They see that both the currency and the union are the tools that are used against them, in order to destroy them. Madam Merkel and their intertwined friends take them, far away from any democratic procedure, even if it was, at one time,  just for giving the impression of democracy. But that, leads us to...

FACT 4: Greeks see clearly that Democracy, both domestic and EU wide, is being abolished.

The ordinary citizen of Greece does not consider the government and opposition as something that is even remotely relevant to them. And for good reasons. In Greece, we now have a government, that even with its norm-breaking extended form of coalition, does not even represent a third of the popular vote. Some Greeks even believe that this is much lower, as low as 1/5 of the popular vote or even lower. Many of our MPs, due to ridiculous electoral laws, have been voted into their positions, by a mere few hundred votes!  Yet, this government, blatantly ignoring the absolute fact that it represents hardly any one,  is methodically and continually applying the policies that are dictated to them by completely circumventing even the corrupt Parliamentary procedures. Greeks know by now, that all these policies are decided and compiled in the darkest dungeons of the corporate fascism  that is the core of the EU. And they know it, because out so called "leaders" tell us shamelessly
 that it is this way. Every time new and deadly austerity measures are being "negotiated", we are all told the same thing: That the Troika must decide on this or that, that the government must wait for the Troika to decide on whether an objection to a measure can be accepted or not. Courts decide and support completely unconstitutional laws. Basic and fundamental human rights are being violated every second and the justice system ignores this chaos.  In short, Greeks know by first hand, what everybody else does not: Democracy in Greece and in Europe is something that is painfully extracted from society. And, whats more,  they are almost finished with the job...

FACT 5: Greeks expect nothing from the parties of the opposition.

While the so called government of Greece continues with it's desolation plan, Greeks have one more problem to face. The opposition. First of all, they know that it's really no "opposition" at all. All they do with their absolute silence, is to indirectly support every single decision that is taken by the financial occupiers of the country. They always make sure to express their complete respect for the institutions that have managed to finally destroy this country. They, in their "leftness", have no problem discussing with the sources of corruption and greed. They, in their revolutionary rhetoric, will stand up for the system. A system that in the minds and hearts of all ordinary Greeks is one of the most corrupt and traitorous that has ever existed in world history. One would think, that during this massive austerity which has now killed innumerable Greeks, the opposition would be finding it self in a situation to convince massive numbers of the population. But the truth shows what they really are and that their utter complicity convinces no one. Even the official, disputed poll numbers  show this clearly: The opposition is always right on par with the government numbers. And they are both low... really low.

FACT 6: Greeks do no longer want a new government in the current system, they want complete change.

Conventional knowledge tells us, that elections are the cornerstone of Democracy. But that's convention for you. Always filling the minds of people with blatant lies. The real truth of the matter is, that the cornerstone of Democracy is that governance must derive directly from the people, on an ongoing basis. Thus, Democracy, is any system which makes this both mandatory and possible. One then, may question whether there is any country at all that has such a Democracy in the 21st century. Probably not, and the reason is obvious to the ones who know the truth. True Democracy is something to be avoided - at any and all costs - by the powers that be. Why would they allow the governance power to derive from the people, when their own interests are supported just fine, within the current system? There is no reason, and so they will not allow it. But the Greeks think otherwise. Historically and culturally, Greeks honor their personal and social liberties very much. One would say, that this feeling is stronger in Greeks, than many other nationalities. The fact is, that Greeks will not stand for this kind kind of abuse of their freedoms. And therefore, they will at some point soon, express as clearly as can be, that this will not pass.They already do this, by ignoring the extortionate taxing that is imposed on them, by the millions. But keep in mind, this is no tax avoidance. It is a natural resistance against a dictatorial regime which has abolished even the most basic rights of it's own people. When Greece becomes a lawful state again, taxes will be paid again, be sure of that. And now, the inevitable will occur: There is simply no other way things can go. The whole political system will change from the ground up. History has shown too many times, that for the Greeks, there is simply no other way forward.

FACT 7: Greeks have some things they can still teach to the rest of the world...

Expect us, we will not relinquish our freedoms and rights. The time is coming, when we will no longer accept the blatant and deadly austerity which is imposed on us with such injustice. All traitors will face true justice. True Democracy will be born again. It may cause temporary pain and struggle. We may face unorthodox or unconventional provocations. We may be placed in a situation where we will have to fight for it. They may even put the country into very "difficult" situations. But in the end, we, the people of Greece will prevail. And then, once our current treasonous ruling class has expired once and for all,  we will complete the task we are called to accomplish: To become once again a shining example for the world to see and be inspired by.

*Stavros Katsoulis is a member of the Political Council of the United People's Front (EPAM). The UPF (EPAM) is a political party in Greece which seeks to return Greece to real Justice, nullify Greek debt as it is catastrophic and genocidal against its people, exit the dictatorship of the EU and the Eurozone and help the Greek people found a new constitution which will defend and establish true Democracy.

--- United People’s Front ( E.PA.M)  PRESS RELEASE ----



Saturday 30 November & Sunday 01 December 2013

The United People’s Front ( E.PA.M) organizes an International Conference in Athens on ‘Debt, National currency & Democracy’ on the 30th of November & 01st of December 2013 at ‘Ciné Kerameikos (Kerameikou 58 & Marathonos 13 , metro station: Kerameikos) with the participation of economists, historians, activists, journalists and movements from all over the world.

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